Fresh Goods, Baked Daily

Geraldine's Bakery

Fresh Goods, Baked DaGily.

"Fresh Goods,

Traditionally made from scratch using ingredients bought from local distributors and sources,
That means rolled out, cut out and fried or baked EVERY morning while you enjoy your last moments of sleep.

Baked Daily"

New York Deli Style Breakfast Sandwiches

Made on your choice of Handmade Roll, Fresh-Baked Croissant, or Bagel
Add cheese and meat...we have a selection!

Sausage                      Cheddar                
Bacon                           Pepper Jack         Pimento
Turkey                         Swiss                       
Ham                              Provolone             Cream Cheese

And don't forget the Hashbrown!

LOX Special on weekends!

Scratch Made Yeast Doughnuts

Glazed, Sprinkled, Sliced Almonds, Coconut,  Bismarcks, Boston Cream, Apple Fritters...and more
Don't forget  the Famous Fritzster, a Fried Danish Doughnut, named after Fred the Baker!

Savory Treats

Served Hot or Cold

Ham and Swiss
Turkey and Swiss
Pimento cheese and Bacon
Fire-roasted Tomato and Provolone
Spinach and Artichoke

A large variety of filled croissants changed daily.

Cookies & New York Rugelach

We offer smaller cookies for just a bite and large ones for a delightful treat!

By the Pound or by the Piece

Danish & Pastry

Bagels and Breads

Challah Bread

Fresh Bread Baked Daily.

Challah on Fridays!



Customize for any special occasion!

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